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On your next visit to the renowned Vegas Strip, consider making a prudent investment in environmental sustainability. Instead of risking your fortunes at the gaming tables, allocate some of your resources towards acquiring the finest artificial turf that Las Vegas has to offer, exclusively provided by RocknBlock Landscape.

At RocknBlock Landscape Las Vegas, we specialize in elevating the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your residential or commercial property, transitioning it from the mundane to the extraordinary. In a remarkably short span of time, we offer access to the most exquisite, enduring, and cost-effective "synthetic grass" that Las Vegas can provide.

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Las Vegas, USA

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Our work inspires. We are specialists in the artificial turf industry. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality and design for all of our customers in Las Vegas, San Diego and Denver Colarado.

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RocknBlock Services

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Artificial Grass

The rise in popularity due to reduced maintenance efforts.

Decorative pavers, Residential Landscape Enhanced with Synthetic Grass Installation

Decorative Pavers

Elevate your outdoor space with decorative rocks.

Landscaping rock. Eco-Friendly Synthetic Grass Solutions by RockNBlock

Decorative Rock

Elevate your outdoor space and explore textures and colors.

Planters, Residential Landscape Enhanced with Synthetic Grass Installation


Achieve balance and prevent invasive species in your garden.

Residential Landscape Enhanced with Synthetic Grass Installation


Save time, conserve water, and ensure consistent watering.

calculate the cost for artificial turf

Fire Pits

Ignite warmth, ambiance, and social gatherings to elevate your outdoor spaces and foster connections.

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Strength, durability, and versatility for lasting and sustainable structures.

Residential Landscape Enhanced with Synthetic Grass Installation

Putting Greens

Low-Maintenance, realistic golf practice for perfecting your putting skills conveniently and precisely.

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