Artificial Turf Sales & Installation Services in Littleton, Denver, CO

Discover top-notch artificial turf sales and installation services in the charming locales of Littleton and Denver, CO.
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Artificial Turf Littleton

Experience the enchantment of top-notch artificial turf sales and installation services in the picturesque locales of Littleton and Denver, Colorado. Let our dedicated team work their magic to transform your outdoor spaces into stunning, low-maintenance havens that will transport you to a world of tranquility and natural beauty.

Whether you’re envisioning a backyard oasis to unwind in after a long day or seeking to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property, our expert team is here to bring your vision to life. With our extensive range of high-quality turf options, you can choose the perfect blend of lush greenery and unrivaled functionality.

Let’s join forces and create something truly remarkable! Get in touch with us today to discover the endless possibilities and unleash the potential of your outdoor spaces that only Rock N Block Turf N Hardscape can do. Your dream landscape is just a step away!

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Artificial Turf Sales & Installation Services in Littleton, Denver, CO

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Littleton Backstory

The fascinating history of Littleton can be traced back to the Pikes Peak gold rush of 1859. As gold seekers flocked to the area, they were followed by enterprising farmers and merchants who provided the vital necessities of life. With Denver’s population and urban area growing rapidly, the construction of water tunnels became an imperative measure to secure this essential resource for its residents.

According to the 2021 US Census Bureau, Littleton, Denver has a current population of 45,465. This vibrant and thriving community  consists of 20,126 households. These figures reflect the dynamic nature of Littleton.

Artificial Turf Values

If you're thinking about getting artificial turf installed, one thing most people can agree on is how much we all love a beautiful garden. There's nothing quite like the appeal of lush, vibrant green grass. But let's face it, keeping that lushness can be a lot of work and take up a ton of time. That's why more and more folks are turning to artificial grass for their lawns. It gives you the same great look without all the hassle. So, if you're looking for a fresh approach for your lawn, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We've got some amazing possibilities waiting for you!

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Saving Water

Water is probably the most important commodity on the planet and should be spared wherever possible. To keep your garden the vibrant green that you enjoy means that a lot of water is being used constantly to maintain that lush appearance. If you install artificial grass, then you will be saving a lot of water which is pretty useful in areas that are affected by drought from time to time. So if you are looking to keep your grass looking green all year round without the excessive use of water, then artificial grass is the right choice for you and your garden.

No Need For Fertilizer Or Chemicals

Many people are becoming more aware of the impact that using fertilizer has on the environment. However, maintaining a natural and green lawn is an important part of keeping your grass happy. However, having a green lawn these days is not only achievable by using fertilizer, because installing artificial grass means that your grass will be green without fertilizer ever touching it. Eliminating harmful toxins from the environment while having a lovely green lawn sounds like a great plan to us, so if you agree and would like to become part of the solution, rather than the problem, then contact us to find out more.

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Recreational Areas

One of the things that make artificial grass so amazing is the level of versatility that it offers. Its uses go far beyond having a lawn and are only limited by your imagination. For example, it is perfect for a tennis court, or for having a small green at the back of your yard so that you can practice your stroke without needing to go to the golf course. So if you are interested in finding out more about what we can do with artificial grass, then reach out to us and have a chat with one of our experts, and maybe we can spark some ideas into life for you.

Save More, Live Better!

At the end of the day, home maintenance can be very expensive, and your garden forms part of those expenses. Installing artificial grass on your property means that you will be saving money on water and other byproducts like fertilizer. You will also be saving on energy because you won’t need to have the lawn mowed. Lastly, and this is probably one of the most important ones, you will be saving time because maintaining a garden uses up a lot of our time. So as you can see, there are many benefits to installing artificial grass, so contact us to get a quote so that we can get started on yours.

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Rock N Block was by far the best landscaping company we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Everyone on the team knows what they are doing. There are several steps involved, all the way from someone coming out to take measurements, draw diagrams of the project. I told them little of what we were imagining, and they drew up a masterpiece. I cannot say enough wonderful things about everyone that engaged in this project, all the way from the Project Manager to all the gentleman working boots on the ground. Seriously, you all are the best of the best.
Rock N Block's landscape design expertise turned our boring yard into a stunning outdoor living space. We couldn't be happier!
Because Rock N Block had so many positive reviews, we made an appointment with Rich and he came out as requested. He was quite knowledgeable and provided...
Great company to work with! Contacted for a quote on a one time landscape cleanup, and they promptly sent a quote. After approval, they contacted me the...
I'm a first time home buyer, and so this was a new experience for me with a major project and i didn't want just anyone to do it. We interviewed a few...
Rock N Block did amazing job! I was impressed with initial visit from Paul. He was very thorough and listened to what we were looking for. Once chosen Rock N Block, Dave came out to verify what we were wanting done. Installation day, Dave and installer leader were both at the house to go over the plan to make sure everyone was on the same page. Installing team was fantastic! They did exactly what we were wanting and clean was great. I would highly recommend Rock N Block and would work with them again. Many thanks to the great team!

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Artificial Lawn denver co Frequently Asked Questions

What is artificial grass, and how does it differ from natural grass?

Artificial grass, often referred to as fake grass, is a synthetic alternative to regular grass, designed to mimic the appearance and feel of real grass. Unlike traditional lawns, artificial grass is extremely durable and requires minimal upkeep while keeping great quality.

With various types available, it proves to be an excellent and versatile choice for landscaping, providing a green, lush surface year-round without the challenges associated with natural grass.

Can artificial grass be customized for unique shapes and sizes in landscaping projects?

Synthetic lawns are highly popular in Las Vegas for residential backyard. With a focus on landscaping and minimal maintenance, many homeowners opt for plants and fake grass in their backyards. The availability of quality artificial grass samples, competitive prices, and its low-maintenance appeal contribute to its widespread use.

Is synthetic grass suitable for indoor installations, such as indoor putting greens or play areas?

Transitioning to artificial grass in Las Vegas involves several steps. Begin by exploring various artificial grass products suitable for high-traffic areas, ensuring they’re soft and durable. Next, plan the project and entire process, from selecting the right product to artificial grass installation. Consider professional help for a seamless switch, ensuring the synthetic lawns are expertly installed for optimal performance and longevity in the desert climate.

Can you put artificial turf directly on dirt?

Artificial turf can be installed directly on dirt, provided it is level and well-prepared. This cost-effective option eliminates mud, weeds, and the need for seeding. Artificial turf is durable, pet-friendly, and resistant to direct sunlight, rain, and heat, making it a practical and low-maintenance free lawn for patios and various outdoor applications.

Where is commercial synthetic turf usually installed?

Commercial synthetic turf finds versatile applications in residential and commercial settings. It’s commonly installed in outdoor living spaces, patios, and backyard putting greens, providing a low-maintenance alternative for enhancing aesthetics and recreation. Pet turf, designed to withstand dogs and other pets, is popular for lawns and play areas.

Whether for playground turf or creating pet-friendly landscapes in own backyard, artificial grass installation adapts to various spaces, combining durability and visual appeal for both residential and commercial purposes.

Why should I consider synthetic grass for my landscaping project in Littleton, Colorado?

Opting for synthetic grass offers numerous benefits for both residential and commercial properties. In Littleton, Colorado, where harmful pesticides can be a concern, artificial turf installation eliminates the need for toxic chemicals. Our synthetic turf products, including pet turf and putting greens, enhance your outdoor space while conserving water. Contact us for a free consultation and transform your lawn with durable, eco-friendly artificial grass.

Why choose synthetic turf for your landscaping project in Commerce City or Littleton, Colorado?

Switching to artificial turf eliminates the need for harmful pesticides associated with maintaining natural lawns. Our expert artificial turf installation services ensure a seamless transition from existing sod to pristine synthetic grass lawns. Whether for residential or commercial properties, our synthetic grass products, including putting greens, offer the lush appearance of real grass without the hassle. Enhance your outdoor space with durable, eco-friendly artificial lawns today.

How long does it take to install artificial turf in Littleton?

Typically, it takes about 1-2 days to install artificial turf in Littleton, depending on the size of the area. When getting synthetic turf installed, it’s essential to prepare the ground properly to ensure the artificial grass looks and feels natural.

Unlike natural grass, a synthetic lawn requires less maintenance and provides a lush, green look all year round. Many homeowners prefer fake grass for its durability and low upkeep.