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San Diego takes pride in its sunny days, rich culture, and unparalleled beauty. Your lawn is the first point of beauty people notice of your home. Switching to a grass alternative like synthetic turf leaves a lasting impression by creating a lush and green lawn year-round. Even better, artificial grass yards require little maintenance, and cut up to 70% of your lawncare expenses! Talk about pet friendly turf that’s saves money while helping the environment! That’s a beautiful thing. No more mowing, extensive watering, or fertilizing. Still not convinced?

Our artificial grass comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is perfect for many different types of applications, both residential and commercial. Contact Tough Turtle Turf today at (702) 744-8078 to set-up your free and relaxed design consultation.

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Our work inspires. We are specialists in the artificial turf industry. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality and design for all of our customers in Las Vegas, San Diego and Denver Colarado.

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RocknBlock Services

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Artificial Grass

The rise in popularity due to reduced maintenance efforts.

Decorative pavers, Residential Landscape Enhanced with Synthetic Grass Installation

Decorative Pavers

Elevate your outdoor space with decorative rocks.

Landscaping rock. Eco-Friendly Synthetic Grass Solutions by RockNBlock

Decorative Rock

Elevate your outdoor space and explore textures and colors.

Planters, Residential Landscape Enhanced with Synthetic Grass Installation


Achieve balance and prevent invasive species in your garden.

Residential Landscape Enhanced with Synthetic Grass Installation


Save time, conserve water, and ensure consistent watering.

calculate the cost for artificial turf

Fire Pits

Ignite warmth, ambiance, and social gatherings to elevate your outdoor spaces and foster connections.

artificial grass


Strength, durability, and versatility for lasting and sustainable structures.

Residential Landscape Enhanced with Synthetic Grass Installation

Putting Greens

Low-Maintenance, realistic golf practice for perfecting your putting skills conveniently and precisely.

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